1. What is Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App?

Customers - Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App, is a free, downloadable first of its kind app in Qatar, is a multi-vendor app that gives visibility over many nearby shops in Qatar. Currently, you would see only Thiru Supermarket in this app, however going forward, we shall reach out to more vendors and showcase here for your convenient shopping.

Vendors - Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App, is a free, downloadable first of its kind app in Qatar, is a multi-vendor app that gives access to reach thousands of potential customers in your neighbourhood. Your customers, your orders, you deliver. A must-have business tool to increase brand awareness, sell your services and products and help grow business grow manifold.

2. What does Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App do?

Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App executes your order through a very swift user-friendly online ordering experience and makes sure the order is delivered on time.

3. Why Should I use Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App than using any other communication mode?

Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App has a wide variety of different vendors covering around the country where you can easily order online and you don’t have to worry on language barriers or miscommunications on orders or face “number busy” on the phone but by using Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App you can view the dishes photos and you can order around your budget and it’s so user friendly by jus using our website and apps.

4. How Do I place an order on Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App?

Just a few clicks away: a) Create an Account – Sign up b) Log in c) Choose your location and manage your address d) Choose the service you want e) Based on the area and service you requested you will find a list of vendors f) Choose your favourite vendor g) Create your order by adding items directly to the cart, mention if you have special conditions h) Checkout from your cart and confirm your order i) Make your payment and Track your order j) Earn smile points with every Qatar Riyal you spend.

5. Do I pay anything for Thiru - Al Qadi Foods App services?

Doha (within 40 kms) - Not at all… The only charges you pay for is for products you purchase.

Al Khor and Dhukan or above – Delivery fee QAR 20 per order, or every Thursday/Friday Free delivery.

6. Do you deliver in my area?

Yes, we deliver most of the areas in Qatar. If you are able to add an item to your cart that means your area is covered.

7. What are your delivery hours?

We deliver every day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm.

Delivery timeslots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

8. Who can receive my delivery?

Anyone available at the given delivery address and providing his/her ID for verification purpose.

9. What if my delivery is late?

Please contact us on this page contact us or call our customer services on 8007323 as soon as possible. We will assist you.

10. What if I have missing items?

It can happen that we are unable to find one or more items of your order. In that case, our team will call you to inform you.

11. I have unwanted or damaged items?

During the delivery, you can decide to reject any item that does not suit your expectations. This will be recorded in our system by the delivery team. Please make sure to sign on the device screen for the refund to be automatically processed.

12. I haven't received my discounts

Our system might face technical issues. Please contact us on this page www.carrefourqatar.com/contact-us, or call our contact center on 8007323 as soon as possible. We will assist you.

13. What's your return policy?

Return and Refund is possible upon approval within 24 hours of purchase. Kindly call our customer service or visit our stores after sales desk and please make sure to have the order confirmation and the delivery note for our colleagues to assist you.

14. Do you have Debit / Credit Card services?

Currently we accept only cash on delivery, we are in process of accepting credit card and debit card payments.

15. Do you have Special Discounts & Offers?

Yes, you can view all the latest promotional offers and avail your discount coupons and enjoy cross offers between all our services, so please update yourself on a regular basis.

16. Can I place an order for late delivery?

Yes you can but it’s based on the vendor policies and their timings.

17. How do I get a receipt?

You will receive by email the order confirmation that summarizes your order and the payment details. When your shopping is delivered, you will be given a detailed delivery note of your received order by the driver.

18. Forgot my password and so the account is blocked, How do I get to create a new password?

If you forgot your password or if your account is blocked then please click the “forgot your password” and follow the instructions and get a new password.

19. Can I have multiple addresses into my account?

Yes, you can add as many addresses you need to a single account. Got to “Manage Addresses” and add a new address.

20. If an order is placed, how long will it take to receive the order?

The delivery time differs from vendor to vendor, each vendor will display their delivery time on the vendor page and so depends primarily on the vendor preparation time and road traffic congestion.

21. If I placed an order, but I’m not sure if you received my order. How do I verify?

You just have to go in to “My order “and check if your latest order was listed and successful.

22. Can I re-order a previous order?

Yes, you can simply go to “my order” and you will find a tab which says “reorder” and simply just reorder.

23. I was unhappy with my order? Who should I contact?

If you were unhappy regarding your order or something you witnessed during delivery please write to us on info@alqadifoods.com  and we will attend to your complaint in 24 hrs. Your suggestions and advice will help us improve our service.

24. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order up to the point of shipping without any charges being applied, unfortunately, once the product is shipped as per the cancellation terms in the T&Cs charges may apply. For assistance in this matter please contact the customer service team who will be happy to assist in this matter. 

25. How long does the online payment refund process take?

The refund process duration is defined by the type of payment you have used. The refund process for Master card and Visa may take up to 10 days or you can reorder for any other service or the same one by just keeping that money as credit with us.

26. Can I rate or write a review about my recent order?

Yes, you can rate and write a review about your last order. You can simply “My orders” on the main page and click on to the respective order and rate or review.