Privacy Policy

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-PII

The user’s Personal Identifiable Information or PII may be collected by Al Qadi - Thiru Apps. These include first and last name, full addresses, primary and secondary contact numbers, email ID and GPS location if the user accesses the mobile site. Additionally, we may collect information such as order history, merchants selected as “favourites” by the user, Live Chat or email enquiries and reviews. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps also employs web analytical tools to track and analyze visitor traffic that will be used for our advertising platform. While these statistics may be published or shared with third-party companies, user PII will not be shared with anyone.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (aka Non-PII) is the information collected from a demographic as a whole – for instance, preferences based on gender or age groups or location. Non-PII does not reveal a user’s identity and this will be shared with third-party companies as part of our promotions and advertising campaigns. Non-PII also includes data related to the user’s device of choices such as computer/device type, MAC address, version of Operating System, internet browser used to access Al Qadi - Thiru Apps and other generic demographic data. We may aggregate PII in a manner that the end-user (third party companies) cannot personally identify the user – for instance, calculating the percentage of users who use a Gmail account or grouping users based on their area telephone code. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps and its affiliates may use tracking tools such as cookies, web beacons or Facebook pixels to better serve our users and offer better recommendations based on their individual browsing history. In the event that a user does not want Al Qadi - Thiru Apps or its affiliates to collect information through cookies, they can enable their browser to decline the use of cookies.
IP Addresses, which are automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider will also be collected and stored in our server log to offer a faster and better web service the next time a user logs in from the same IP Address. Collecting IP Addresses is a common practice followed by websites and is often an automated exercise.
Use of PII and Non-PII

A user’s PII may be used by Al Qadi - Thiru Apps to offer tailored services, recommendations and special promotions. PII will also be used to charge and send receipts for purchases made on the website. Users can opt out of receiving tailored communications sent to their email or mobile numbers by unsubscribing from these services on the website.

Cookies are deployed on the website to remember user preferences so that Al Qadi - Thiru Apps can enhance a user’s experience the next time they visit the website. Cookies can store login information, preferred language and location selection. While Al Qadi - Thiru Apps generally does not sell this information to third parties, we may share collected PII with third party companies or affiliates that are associated or partnered with us in helping us provide a complete service for the user. If a valid request is made by legal or financial entities to disclose specific user PII, Al Qadi - Thiru Apps may oblige and share the same and will not be held liable for any forthcoming legal proceedings. General public i.e. users who haven’t logged in can view user-generated content such as reviews or ratings. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps cannot protect user privacy if their PII is shared openly in the content they’ve shared.

In the case of Non-PII, Al Qadi - Thiru Apps reserves the right to use such information for any purpose as it does not personally identify any user. This information may be shared with third party companies or affiliates and for any purpose. IP Addresses are generally collected to calculate usage levels of the website and will be instrumental in fixing server issues. IP Addresses are also treated as Non-PII and may be disclosed for any purpose we see fit.

Email addresses, mobile numbers and other information are required in order to register for an account with Al Qadi - Thiru Apps. This information will be used solely to confirm your order, to communicate with you in the event of a problem related to your order, or occasionally to send promotional material. Email addresses can be changed or updated once an account has been created. Only your name, address and phone number will be shared with the merchant where you’ve placed the order. This information may also be disclosed to the customer care team or with any third party that’s involved in the successful delivery of your order. Your email address or street address or phone number will not be sold or divulged to third parties other than as specified here, and not without the user’s prior permission unless there is a legal proceeding in which case we are obliged to do so.

Payment Information
To complete and successfully place an order through Al Qadi - Thiru Apps, users will be required to choose a payment mode and offer additional information based on the choice that they’ve made. While CoD (Cash on Delivery) payments do not require any information, using cards or any other electronic mode of payment will require users to share sensitive information such as their card or bank details. Users may choose to allow us to store your card information for easier use in the future. In such cases, the information will be stored in an encrypted format to ensure your safety. Some of the merchants available on Al Qadi - Thiru Apps may also choose not to accept online payment while some merchants may request only for online payment. The choice of payment made available to the user is entirely the merchants’ decision and their preferred choices will be notified to you either on the merchant’s menu page or in the payment screen.

Payment Gateway Services
There are multiple payment gateways in the platform like Myfatoorah, Stripe, Paystack, Windcave and others in the platform. We use the details of the user to make the payment successful but we don't store user's personal details or other bank details at our end. All these things are done by the payment gateway.

Information Collected and Shared During Order Placement
Al Qadi - Thiru Apps will collect only the user’s name, address, phone number, email address and other PII to correctly identify the user, and complete the order. The information shared with the delivery restaurant will be your name, delivery address and contact number. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps and its partner restaurants have an agreement to ensure total discretion when it comes to user PII. It will not be shared with any third party partners or affiliates without your permission and will be considered as highly confidential information so that it cannot be disclosed unless we are to oblige to any legal proceedings related to a user.
Browsing Data

Al Qadi - Thiru Apps employs tracking tools to collect user browsing data to better understand user preferences. This type of information is a part of Non-PII and it cannot identify any user. This information is used to analyse customer behaviour and purchases and to improve user experience. This information may also be shared with third party vendors or affiliates for advertising campaigns on our website or on the third party website. Browsing data may also be shared with any employee of our company or a third party company that is involved in completing your transaction or delivering your order.

Use of Advertisers
Al Qadi - Thiru Apps may employ third party advertisers to run campaigns on our website. These companies may use cookies or similar tools needed to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaign. Any information collected via these tools are completely anonymous, Non-PII data.

User PII will not be sold to third parties for their external marketing campaigns without prior and explicit consent of the user. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps may combine user information with that of the information collected from other companies for the sole purpose of improving our services, content and advertising campaigns. Users can opt out of our promotional material or marketing communication through the website.

Disclosure of PII
Al Qadi - Thiru Apps staff (customer care personnel) or third parties involved in the successful delivery of your order on in the analysis of your website usage may receive your PII, in order to serve you better. Your PII may also be disclosed to protect the legal rights of Al Qadi - Thiru Apps if it relates to any kind of harmful conduct. We may also exchange information with other companies and organisations to protect you and us from fraudulent activities.

We may disclose PII (i) to third-party vendors who provide Al Qadi - Thiru Apps with necessary web services such as site hosting, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfilment, infrastructure provision, IT services, customer service, e-mail delivery services, credit card processing and other similar services, (ii) to delivery restaurants to fulfil your purchase, (iii) to identify the user if they send messages or content to other users through the website, (iv) to third party companies that offer promotions and deals, in which case the user must carefully consider before accessing promotions on third party webpages, (v) to a third party company in the event Al Qadi - Thiru Apps is facing a merger, sale or joint venture, (vi) if we believe it to be appropriate under laws applicable, to comply with ongoing legal processes, to enforce our terms and conditions, to protect our operations and our rights or that of our affiliates, and to limit legal damages we may receive.

A cookie stores your activity on the website. It is essentially a small packet of information sent from our server to your computer to store details that may help us and your activity on the website. Cookies can save time for the user by remembering their login information or other preferences (browser language, country selection, etc.) and do not deliver viruses or any harmful programs to your computer. Users are presented with the choice of accepting or declining cookies by visiting their browser settings. Please note that if you choose to decline or disable cookies, certain features on our website may not be useable.
Protection of PII

The security of your personal information is our top priority. Al Qadi - Thiru Apps uses several security measures to ensure that the data you enter is not collected by anyone else and sensitive data is stored in encrypted form. All of our servers use SSL and encryption technology that works with most internet browsers.

Al Qadi - Thiru Apps follows industry practices when it comes to safety and security of the website and user PII. However, sharing of data over the internet is not guaranteed to be secure. We request you to not send us sensitive information through email. If you believe that your Al Qadi - Thiru Apps account is no longer secure, please contact us immediately via email and we will address your concerns.

Third Parties
Al Qadi - Thiru Apps is not responsible for the practices of any third party companies or vendors we may partner with. Users must access third party information or webpages sensitively and are to act voluntarily if they access third party webpages. While we may include outbound links from time to time, we do not endorse any of them and are not to be held liable if the user is affected by the content they access on that website.

Information on Services We Offer
At Al Qadi - Thiru Apps, we wish for nothing other than offering you the best quality service at all times. To ensure that we achieve this, we may send you details of products and services, discounts and other promotions, which may be of use to you. All marketing communications from Al Qadi - Thiru Apps is sent to your with your consent. If you wish to not receive these mails, you can unsubscribe either directly on the mail or by changing your email preferences in your account page on the website.
Changes to Privacy Policy

Al Qadi - Thiru Apps may make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time and may update the newer version to the website. Users may be informed of major changes to the policy.

Customer sees the store as per their location and We want to deliver the order to the customer's selected location. For this, we want the customer to allow the location of the device.

Updating Personal Information
Members: Al Qadi - Thiru Apps members can update their personal information by accessing their membership account page.

If you have any queries or comments regarding our use of your information, our customer care team will be happy to answer them for you.
All comments, queries and request shall be addressed to